what a truly sensational weekend it was!!

we’re going all out red because this year’s winners are… the ENGINEERS!

1st place:  Engineers       130 points
2nd place: Heroes            128 points
3rd place:  Commerce     120 points
4th place:  Builders          114 points
5th place:  Anarchists      108 points
6th place:  Natives            99 points
7th place:  Governators   91 points
8th place:  Tribe               74 points

these winners are grinners!
co-captains of the Engineers Midi Stormont & Chris Rossiter

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about the games 

The Greenwich Village Games commenced with golf on Friday night 2nd December 2016, then continued through Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th, including the famous Revue Performances on the Saturday night.  Check out our events calendar to see when your favourite events were on. Food stalls and delicious treats were also available on-site throughout the weekend.

Every 4 years, the Greenwich community in Sydney get together for their own version of the Olympic Games, involving a series of sporting, skill and theatrical contests with 8 competing teams aged from 2 to 100.

The Greenwich Village Games was conceived through the vision of one man, a local resident, Tom Lawson. It was Australia’s bicentennial year and the community were searching to do something to commemorate and celebrate this milestone. Tom, originally from Scotland, was inspired by the Pentathlon in the Scottish Highlands. Eight teams were formed and named, loosely around resident’s professions; ages and genders were mixed; and a variety of sporting disciplines endorsed.

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