team captains are taking event preferences – have you put yours in?
Team Captains are finalising preferences for each of the Greenwich Games events. Have you put your own preferences in? Are you a football tricks pro, or want to be the coveted Tug O’ War Anchorman/Anchorwoman? Good hand/eye co-ordination? Don’t really care, just happy to be in it? Be quick! Get in touch with your Team Captains.

team t-shirts and cap ordering deadline: 13 November
Last orders for team t-shirts and caps are midnight Sunday 13th November. Check your size here.

teams are filling up . . .
Registrations for a few of the teams are still open, and most are looking for extra participants in the younger age groups, and the 20-39s. Join with your friends and have a blast!


The following teams are still accepting registrations:

The following teams are FULL:

Registration for members of the full teams who have already applied but haven’t yet registered online will still be accepted. New applications that fill age ranges with lower participant numbers may still be accepted but will require subsequent confirmation from the Team Captain(s).

The good news is it’s possible to swap teams (ie withdraw registration from one team and join another), so you can still participate in the Games!

what the heck are the greenwich village games?
Every 4 years, the Greenwich community in Sydney get together for their own version of the Olympic Games, involving a series of sporting, skill and theatrical contests. These are called the Greenwich Village Games (GVG). There are 8 competing teams with ages ranging from 3 to 100. In 2016, the event will be held on the weekend of Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th December, check out our events calendar

The Greenwich Village Games was conceived through the vision of one man, a local resident, Tom Lawson. It was Australia’s bicentennial year and the community were searching to do something to commemorate and celebrate this milestone. Tom, originally from Scotland, was inspired by the Pentathlon in the Scottish Highlands. Eight teams were formed and named, loosely around resident’s professions; ages and genders were mixed; and a variety of sporting disciplines endorsed.

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