revue synopses have been released

The synopses for each team’s revue performance have been released!  What’s the competition going to be like? Is yours better? Take a peek here

new event handbook update V1.14

A new version of the Event Handbook for the 2016 Games is now available, dated 18 Nov 16. It contains all the latest updates to the rules for each event and how the Games are run.

gvg event handbook v1.14

Updates include:
– boules
– paper plane throw
– water run cup
– obstacle relay layout
– risk management


what are the micro games?

The micro games are a series of fun novelty events for children aged 2-6. Entry is free, but you must still formally register your child to participate.

free BUDGET shuttle bus to get you to and from the Games


How do we get to the Games?  On the free, shuttle bus of course!

The 12-seater Shuttle Bus will be operating a free service in a circuit from Bob Campbell Oval to Innes Road, the Greenwich Shops, Shell Park and George Street during the following times every 15 minutes:

Saturday   3rd December               9am – 7pm and 10pm – 11pm
Sunday    4th December                9:15am – 4pm

Thanks to  Artarmon for providing the bus and Michael for volunteering to be our chauffeur extraordinaire.

Here’s the map:

registrations have now closed

Regretfully, all teams are now well and truly full as Team Captains have allocated team members in each age range to all events.

You are still welcome to come down to the oval, cheer on the teams and soak up the atmosphere.


new gvg event handbook 13 Oct 16

an updated version of the gvg event handbook is now available – version 1.13 dated 31 October 16. Changes include:
–> updates to swimming, walking relay, running relay, slow cycle relay, canoe, golf, basketball, boules, and paper plane events
–> review update
–> inserted details on scrabble
–> updated matrix.

A general risk update is to be included in the next version. Work is still ongoing re events with the event leads which is also leading to further refinements.

games all day catering . . . did you know?

No one needs to pack a picnic during the Games as there will be breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks available down at the oval.

A variety of food will be available for purchase all day; Saturday 9am – 9pm and Sunday 10:30am – 5:30pm. Also one caterer, Bern the Chef, will be down there Friday night to have some special hi-carb food available for those setting up and rehearsing their Revue!

A taste of what games goers and supporters can choose from is:

  • sweet and savoury gozleme from Master Gozleme,
  • gourmet meals and deserts such as pork belly with coconut rice and Chinese cabbage, and mango passionfruit Eton mess from Bern the Chef,
  • something delectable from the Greenwich Public School barbecue,
  • delicious hot pies, sausage rolls, croissants and yummy cakes and sweets from Greenwich Village Espresso Bar, and
  • of course ICECREAM and COFFEE available all day from Bar Coco.

There are also vegetarian and gluten free options!

builder’s bbq on sunday 23rd october

The Builder’s are having a team BBQ down at Bob Campbell Oval from 4pm Sunday 23rd October. It will be a great chance to get together and go through any event preferences, plus meet the Revue team to see what’s happening. Would you like to be in it?

new v1.12 events handbook

the latest version of the events handbook is now available here.

1.12 revisions include:
– swimming matrix & rules
– review section
– canoe section
– map

clarification of the age matrix rules

Not sure how the age matrix rules work? Here’s an update:

With the exception of Golf in which there are no gender or substitution restrictions, all events to be 50% male and 50% female competitors – the allocation for each age group is to be split evenly between male and female, i.e. if the matrix indicates 2 competitors from a given age group, one must be male and one female.

Age criteria is based on the age of the individual on 2nd December 2016.

There can be no substitutions over the 20-39 age-group, (eg 40 year old substituting for a 16-19 year old) and competitors in the 20-39 age group cannot cross out of their age group.

Team members aged 16-19 may be substituted up one level into the 20-39 age group, and those younger than 16-19 may be substituted up two levels.  E.g. a 17 year old can be substituted into the 20-39 age group; a 12 year old may be substituted into 16-19 age group but not into 20-39 age group.

Team members aged 40-49 may be substituted down one level and those older than 40-49 may be substituted down two levels.  E.g.  a 60+ may be substituted into the 40-49 age group, but not the 20-39 group.