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Ever pulled someone from a burning fire? You’re a hero. Ever stopped to help someone who you don’t know? You’re a hero, too! Think chivalry is still alive? Hero! Welcome to the Heroes in 2016 we hope you’re looking forward to what will be the best Greenwich Village Games to date.

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your team captains

Ben Wilson          0407 966 083       bwilson@gracosway.com.au
Briony Black       
0419 676 643        wunny@iinet.net.au

upcoming meetings & social events


Calling all Heroes,

Mark your diaries for the afternoon of Sunday August 21 between 1pm and 4pm for the Heroes Team Picnic and Rally to be held at Leemon Reserve (near the tennis courts at Greenwich Point).

This is a VERY IMPORTANT event on the Heroes calendar so please drop by even if only for a few minutes to tell us which events you would like to be considered for.

The Organising Committee will throw on sausage and onion sandwiches, but please bring a picnic lunch, something to drink and enjoy the afternoon.

We will send out further reminders in the coming weeks but SAVE THE DATE, SUNDAY AUGUST 21 BETWEEN 1-4PM.

Go Heroes! 

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