When the Greenwich Village Games commenced in 1988, Teams were formed to pit occupation against occupation. Team loyalties still run through the blood of younger generations!

These days, the Games has grown into a wider community event where anyone with a strong connection to Greenwich can participate in any team. Each of the 8 competing teams are headed up by Captains/Co-Captains, with other volunteer roles. Each Team Captain will establish their preferred method of communication with their team members eg email and social media regarding team events, BBQs, training practice, revue rehearsals etc. Please head to each team’s webpage or social media page for more info and team contacts.

Some teams are now ‘full’ for certain age groups meaning you could miss out on getting into an event and have less fun. It is always possible to re-register with a different team looking for your age group so you can still participate in the Games. Contact your Team Captains or the Registrar for more information.

team summaries

Here’s a quick rundown on each team – which one would you like to join?

ANARCHISTS (now full)
Anarchists. Organised chaos. The GVG team for people with passion – we don’t discriminate – everyone looks good in hot pink.  4 more years, 4 more points!
team webpage
BUILDERS (now full)
Everyone is a builder at heart. Whether you build buildings, corporate structures, lego worlds, families or garden paths . . . everyone builds and we want you to come join us.
team webpage
COMMERCE (now full)
Our talent is in our people with the team recruited and head hunted to showcase the finest of postcode 2065 with well-honed dramatic and sporting talents. Plus, our social events are the envy of the community, so come join us, it makes cents!
team webpage
ENGINEERS (now full)
The mighty RED team, has stayed true to its roots and original values.  The Engineers contest all events heartily and enthusiastically and, of course, carefully following all instructions in the manual. We take particular pride in our spectacular performances in the legendary GVG Revue.
team webpage
Be all you can be.
Come join us. Join our team.
Contact us. or
team webpage
HEROES (now full)
Ever pulled someone from a burning fire? Ever stopped to help someone who you don’t know? You’re a hero! Come join us.
team webpage
Listen to the drumbeat.  Join the Natives: living proof that small teams are great. We specialise in BBQs with interesting sausages, and sugary, bad-for-your-teeth, drinks. We would love to have you on board.
team webpage
Everyone needs a tribe and The Tribe needs people. Join the Tribe!
team webpage


team captains

Note: Ray Karslake’s mobile no. below should be 0413 021 437.