The Organising Committee of the 2020 Greenwich Village Games have been consulting with Team Committees to consider the impact the public health initiatives to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus are having on the ability to prepare for and deliver a successful Games.

First and foremost our concern has been to, at all times, protect the health and well-being of our community and games participants by fully complying with the essential social distancing requirements and restrictions on public gatherings. While there is uncertainty as to how long these restrictions will be in place, the public messaging from the Prime Minister and NSW Premier have consistently indicated the community should prepare for an extended period of restrictions on public gatherings in order to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections.

In light of this advice, and taking into account the broad demographic participation in the Games within our community, the Organising Committee and Team Committees have unanimously agreed it is necessary to postpone the 2020 Games until December 2021. This is in keeping with the tradition that the Games are staged on the first weekend of December in each Olympic year.

Our decision has not been taken easily or lightly. Even though the Games weekend seems far away in December, the months leading up to it involve countless training/practice sessions and team social and organising events.

We are also mindful that there will be families in our community who will be confronting financial pressures as a result of COVID-19 impacts on their employment, and discretionary expenses such as registration, catering etc for the Games may be unmanageable at this time.

We are all immensely disappointed, but the community faces a more important task – which is to do what we must to help defeat this pandemic. The Games will be back with great gusto and give us all even more reason to celebrate the community spirit that makes Greenwich special for so many.

– GVG Organising Committee

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about the Greenwich Village Games  

Every 4 years, the Greenwich community in Sydney get together for their own version of the Olympic Games, involving a series of sporting, skill and theatrical contests. These are called the Greenwich Village Games (GVG). There are 8 competing teams with ages ranging from 2 to 100.

The Games are held on the first weekend of December in each Olympic Games year.  The musical Revue Performance is held on Saturday evening and all members of the public are welcome to bring a blanket and enjoy the show.

Congratulations to the Engineers who were the winners in 2016. Will it be your team in 2020ne?


Winning co-captains of the Engineers Midi Stormont & Chris Rossiter

get involved with your local community

Entry is open to those with a strong relationship with the Greenwich community, and new participants are warmly welcomed i.e. any person who works, resides, attends school, church or social/sporting activities in Greenwich/Northwood and their immediate family and partners, and any previous participant in the Games regardless of their present residence or workplace.

history of the Games 

The Greenwich Village Games was conceived through the vision of one man, a local resident, Tom Lawson. It was Australia’s bicentennial year and the community were searching for something to do to commemorate and celebrate this milestone. Tom, originally from Scotland, was inspired by the Pentathlon in the Scottish Highlands. Eight teams were formed and named, loosely around resident’s professions; ages and genders were mixed; and a variety of sporting disciplines endorsed.

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