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Everyone is a builder at heart. Whether you build buildings, corporate structures, lego worlds, families or garden paths . . . everyone builds and we want you to come join us for the Greenwich Village Games.

From the very first Greenwich Village Games in 1988 the Builders team have remained one of the pillars of the games.  We have a strong tradition of competing in and contributing to the games and share a range of friendly rivalries with the other teams we have come together with to celebrate Greenwich every 4 years.

Whilst we are the ‘Builders’ by name we come from a huge variety of backgrounds …  generally with only tenuous links to any sort of ‘building’.  Instead the Builders have grown to encompass a team with a shared ‘philosophy’ for the games rather than a shared occupation.  The spirit of the team focusses on inclusion and sportsmanship, regularly comprising of over 150 participants being anywhere from 3 to 85 years old.

The Builders team is being captained by Jon Tindall – with a multitude of support from builder’s families new and old.  Come and join us for the ride and be a part of the Builders team this year.

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Kylie Dunlop            0416 387 449
Andrew Dunlop     0416 644 098
Nick Tindall             0414 912 221 

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