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As an original team from the inception of the GVG in 1988, the COMMERCE team have a rich history and a vibrant team culture. With our team name and shared interest in anything commercial, we of all teams, best represent the 62.5% (ABS census 2011) Professional/Managers residing in the Greenwich community.

Our team mantra is inclusiveness and our focus is on fun and participation but we never stray far from our foundations in commerce so still deliver on our objectives, keep to a budget and celebrate success in its many forms.

Our vast team contacts make our social events the envy of the community and after four years of training, we shouldn’t be written off as our dramatic and sporting talents have been well-honed. As with all successful businesses our talent is in our people and the team has been recruited and head hunted to showcase the finest of postcode 2065.

We will be fair, have fun and honour our community, but keep your eyes on the black t-shirts as this is our year when COMMERCE deliver on their strategic plans. This is our games!

Your team captain is Ray Karslake, and a huge thank you to Sandy Calder Commerce Captain 2008-2012 for his outstanding leadership. Like or follow us on social media for all the latest commerce team updates facebook logo

your team captains

Adam Simpson      0414 372 589
Peter Mackay         0416 059 776
Carla O’Connor      0422 045 301
Tom O’Connor        0422 045 301

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