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While some GVG teams have re-invented themselves over the years, the Engineers, the mighty RED team, has stayed true to its roots and original values. 

The Engineers contest all events heartily and enthusiastically and, of course, carefully following all instructions in the manual.  We embrace the unique community spirit of the Games and compete with fairness and good humour.  We take particular pride in our spectacular performances in the legendary GVG Revue held on the Saturday night of the Games in front of an audience of thousands – well, one thousand at least!

We also welcome new members to our midst and are convinced we are the friendliest team in the Games. In our day jobs, some of us are even engineers….

To be eligible for the Engineers team, you need a sense of fun, fair play and community spirit, and willingness to wear red for the weekend. If you would like more information joining about the Engineers, please contact team captains. Like or follow us on social media for all the latest engineers team updates facebook logo   twitter logo

your team captains

Erin Cini                    0422 581 317 
Midi Stormont      
0411 899 843
John Saleh                                         
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