photography policy

photography policy from the 2022 Games

Participants are welcome to take photos and videos (images) of the Games, including the Revue, for personal and family use, and for celebrating and promoting the Games, or a particular team competing in the Games.

It is not permitted to take or display images for commercial use. Only the Greenwich Village Games Organising Committee (Organising Committee) or a Team Captain may authorise an official photographer to take images of the Games.  All images taken by an official photographer will be the property of the Organising Committee, and all negatives, digital files and proofs must be given to the Organising Committee on request.

participants and official photographers must take and display images responsibly

In particular:
– Images should generally be taken only of your own family and friends or of groups of Participants (not of unconnected individuals).

– If taking an image of a child, only take an appropriate image that is relevant to the Games, and ensure that the child is suitably clothed.  Images of children participating in sports or activities that involve minimal clothing (eg swimming) or unusual body positions/poses could potentially be misused.

– If an image of a child is used, avoid naming the child.   If this is not possible (eg when a child is awarded a prize), avoid using both a first name and a surname.

– Do not display information about a child’s hobbies, likes/dislikes, school, etc.

– Avoid displaying personal information (such as street or email address, or telephone numbers) in connection with images on websites or social media.

– Only allow images taken at the Games to be displayed in private (eg at home) or on the Greenwich Village Games websites or social media, and reduce the ability for direct copying of images from a website to another source (eg disable the “right mouse click” function).