refunds policy

refunds policy from the 2022 Games

A Participant’s registration fees are non-refundable except in the case of the three exceptions noted below. This includes the entry fee, and any fees for team t-shirts and caps.

When you register you are putting your hand up to participate in a very special celebration of community.  The celebration starts when you join your team because it is through the team that you can get involved – straightaway – in the planning, the preparation, the team BBQs and social events, the training sessions, the team committee meetings, the camaraderie of the Revue, the tent decorations and the flags and banners, all leading to the grand finale – the Games weekend.

This is community engagement at its best.  The Games are a year-long community activity where Participants can choose to be involved as much or as little as they like as soon as they register.  The Games are in fact arranged and staged by the community – by you and everyone else who registers – with a loose infrastructure of committees, team captains, event leaders and other roles to help make them happen.

The registration fees collected by the Greenwich Village Games Organising Committee (Organising Committee) from Participants are used to meet the costs of arranging and staging the Games.   The Games are not a commercial activity.  The fees are an incidental but unavoidable part of jointly contributing the resources needed for the Games.  The Organising Committee aims to collect contributions that are sufficient to break even or leave a small surplus for the next Games in 2024.

The Games costs include items like buying and hiring the equipment needed for events (canoes, cabers, etc), Team tents and Revue stage hire, sound and lighting systems, swimming pool admission fees, Oval preparation costs, event facilities like portaloos etc.  Many of these costs are incurred or committed well before the Games weekend.  This is the reason that the Organising Committee collects fees upon registration and seeks registrations from the middle of the year, well before the Games weekend in December.

Registration fees are non-refundable even when the Organising Committee cancels the Games.  The Organising Committee is deeply committed to staging the Games and in the 37 years to date the Games have never been cancelled.  If they are cancelled it would only be as a result of factors beyond the Organising Committee’s control and likely only to be decided just before the Games are scheduled to go ahead.  At that time most of the costs of the Games are likely to have already been incurred or committed on a non-refundable basis. The fees are therefore non-refundable except in the situations noted below.

In the event of a government directive to cancel or postpone the games (for any reason including COVID 19)  the GVG Organising Committee (OC) will consider rescheduling or cancelation of the games.

Where appropriate the OC consider reimbursement of fees where possible. Any reimbursement of fees is at the entire discretion of the OC and will take into account the many expenses incurred in running the games prior to making any decision.

There are three exceptions to the “non-refundable” policy

1. Where the Organising Committee rejects an application for any reason.

As noted in the Terms & Conditions of Entry, in that situation the Organising Committee will refund the registration fee in full, less the Trybooking fees (50c per ticket, t-shirt or cap).

2. Where the Participant notifies their Team Captain before 10pm 2nd December 2022 (just before the Games weekend commences) that they will not be able to participate in the Games due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Organising Committee recognises that in some unavoidable work or family emergencies a Participant or their family have no choice but to withdraw.  In this situation whether a refund is available, and if so the amount, is at the discretion of the Chair of the Organising Committee.  It will not apply where a Participant has simply had a change of mind or is unavailable for just part of the Games weekend.

Any Participant seeking a refund on this basis must apply in writing to the Chair of the Organising Committee for a refund by not later than midnight 9th December 2022.

3. In the case of a T-shirt or cap, where it is not delivered or is damaged or otherwise defective.

In this situation the Organising Committee will either replace the defective T-shirt or cap or refund the fee you paid for it.

Queries about refunds should be directed to your Team Captain(s) in the first instance, or otherwise contact the Registrar at