registration ticketing guidelines

which type of entry ticket do I buy?

If eligible for the Greenwich Village Games, all participants must register in order to compete and pay the relevant registration fee dependent on age and student status. There are also discounted registration rates for family groups. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to work out if a family discount ticket applies or not.

Family tickets only apply where 1-2 two adults live with 1 or more related children or full-time students under 25.  Adult children (19+) who are not in full-time study, should register with a separate Adult ticket, instead of part of the family discount ticket. Same with girlfriends and boyfriends.

The information and examples below should help.

Note: For each online registration transaction, participants can only select one team to compete under. If family members wish to join more than one team, they must complete separate online registration transactions for each team.

Children aged less than 6 who only participate in the Micro Games are not required to pay, but must be registered.

Ticket Type Definition
Adult Person aged between 19 and 59 (unless a full-time student under 25).
Student Full-time student aged between 19 and 24.
Senior Person aged 60 and over.
Child School student aged between 6 and 18. 
Children who are aged 5 can choose whether to compete in the Micro Games or the main GVG events. If the latter, they are required to register and pay.
Micro Games These are fun and non-competitive races and events for children 2 – 6 years, held during the GVG weekend, though do not contribute to overall team scores. 
Entry to the Micro Games is free, but children must still be registered.
Family A family ticket applies to one or two adults living with one or more related children or full-time students under 25. 
Adult children (19+) who are not in full-time study pay as individual adults.
Girlfriends and boyfriends of family members are eligible to participate in the Games regardless of where they live, but must register and pay as individuals (children, adults or students).
If family members wish to join more than one team, they need to complete a separate registration transaction for each team.


See the examples below on how to work out family tickets and/or others to ensure your family is in keeping with the rules 🙂

A. The Simpson Family
Marge and Homer have three children: Lisa a 19-year-old student, Bart 10 and Maggie 3. Maggie needs to register even though she is not participating in the main GVG events, as she will be going in the Micro Games. They register online with 1 x Family of 4 ticket (Marge + Homer + Lisa + Bart), plus 1 x Micro Games ticket (Maggie).

B. The Finch Family
Single father Atticus has two teenaged children, Gem 15 and Scout 13. They register and pay as 1 x Adult ticket (Atticus) and 2 x Child tickets (Gem and Scout) as this is more cost effective than a family registration.

C. The Pritchett-Tucker Family
Mitchell and Cameron have one daughter Lily, aged 8. Cam and Lily are hoping for key roles in the Revue. Mitchell is secretly in training to increase his chances of being selected for the Tug of War! They register and pay as 1 x Family of 3 ticket (Mitch + Cam + Lily) as this is more cost effective than as individuals.

D. The Windsor Family
Kate and William have two pre-school aged children, George 4 and Charlotte 2. Even though there are no equestrian events in the Micro Games, George and Charlotte want to take part. It is most cost-effective for them to register with 2 x Adult tickets (Kate and William) and to register the children with 2 x Micro Games tickets (which are free).

E. The Beckham Family
Victoria and David have four children, Brooklyn 21, Romeo 19, Cruz 12 and Harper 10. Brooklyn is a full-time student, but Romeo gave up his studies to concentrate on his modelling career. They register with 1 x Family of 5 ticket (Victoria + David + Brooklyn + Cruz + Harper) plus 1 x Adult ticket (Romeo – he is no longer a full-time student). Will any of them be picked for the GVG Football Skills event?

F. The Clampett Family
Millionaire Jed lives with his adult daughter Elly May and his adult nephew Jethro. Jed’s mother-in-law Granny also lives with the family. They all want to take part in the GVG and hope to get selected for the caber toss. Although they are all related, they register with 3 x Adult tickets (Jed, Elly May and Jethro are all 19+ and not in full-time study), plus 1 x Senior ticket (Granny – who is 60+ in the shade).

G. The Weasley Family
Arthur and Molly have seven children living at home: Bill and Charlie who are in the workforce, Percy (full time student), Fred, George, Ron and Ginny, all at school. Ginny’s boyfriend Harry 15 also wants to take part in the GVG, although he lives in Surrey. They register with 1 x Family of 7 ticket (Molly + Arthur + Percy + Fred + George + Ron + Ginny), plus 2 x Adult tickets (Bill and Charlie), and 1 x Child ticket (Harry as he is not related).

H. The Kardashian Family
Due to family conflict and competitiveness, Rob, Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kanye, and their two children each want to join 2 separate teams in the GVG. They must complete separate online registrations for each team and are not eligible for a family group discount all as adult tickets. Kris will mind North (2 yrs) and Saint (less than 1 yr) at the Games to cheer on their mum & dad, as well as watch the Revue on Saturday night. They are still a little young to compete in the Micro Games yet.

Any further queries should be directed to your Team Captain, or the Registrar at