There are 8 competing teams in the Games: Anarchists, Builders, Commerce, Engineers, Governators, Heroes, Natives and Tribe.

When the Greenwich Village Games commenced in 1988, Teams were formed to pit occupation against occupation. Team loyalties still run through the blood of younger generations! These days, the Games has grown into a wider community event where anyone with a strong connection to Greenwich can participate in any team.

Each of the teams are headed up by Team Captains/Co-Captains, with other team volunteer roles. Each Team Captain will establish direct communication with their members i.e. via email and social media regarding team social events, BBQs, training sessions and revue rehearsals.
Check out each team’s page for more info.

team captains/co-captains 2020ne

Karen Markell, Penny Williams
team page
Jon Tindal
team page
Ray Karslake
team page
Erin Cini, John Saleh, Midi Stormont
team page
John Erasmus 
team page
Ben Wilson, Isabel Rawlence, Michelle Passmore
team page
Peter Richards
team page
Bede Thompson, James Burton, Dennise Terry
team page


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